Web Solutions

Technology is the development of the mechanism that allows two of more computer devices to communicate over a network. For instance, in a typical office setting, a number of computers plus additional devices such as printers may be interconnected via a network, allowing for quick and convenient transmission of information. More »

SEO & Marketing

You have a domain name ... CHECK! You have a website ... CHECK! Now will millions of people come flooding to your website? ... NOT SO FAST! Just like any type of business, if you want people to find out about your new website, you need to take certain steps to market your site so it stands out from the crowd and people find you. More »

E-commerce & CMS

Product Management is an important function of shopping cart software. Before you choose a shopping cart, it is very important to understand your business requirements & compare them with the robustness of shopping cart software. Understand the effects of the features in shopping cart software on your business evaluate them with your requirements and then make the final choice. More »

Graphics Designing

Any perfect business website can be the passport of a winning online business. There are numerous of advantages which a company can extract from a good website which cannot be calculated. It is well known fact that the success of a business website does not only depend on a solitary factor. There are several facets like content written, search engine optimization, web designing etc which are really prolific for a business site. More »

Mobile Apps Development

A.R.E. Network Solutions offers exclusive Windows Mobile Apps development services for developing creative Windows Mobile custom apps for our clients. Using the latest Windows Mobile SDK 6.0, our expert Windows Mobile Developers/Programmers develop custom made applications for the new age Windows Mobile handset. More »


VOIP Services

Historically, business telecommunications has been a highly exclusive club of well-financed service providers who have been highly dependent upon business models that are pegged to over-subscription, product bundling and oligopolistic market control.

Telecommunications infrastructure has been a world of very expensive, highly proprietary equipment and telecom applications such as voicemail, conferencing, three-way calling and caller ID have been developed exclusively within the doors of the large service providers who intended to put them in the market.

The nearly simultaneous advent of open telecommunications software platforms (and their expansive feature-sets), server virtualization, ubiquitous and affordable high speed Internet access and cloud network architectures has created a unique moment in time for the telecommunications industry and one could argue that this business will never be the same.

Today, a business with an Internet connection of acceptable speed and quality can select from a wide array of cloud-based telecommunications services sized exactly to their needs. These services bring new capabilities at an affordable price and are powered in no small part by open source technologies deployed in the cloud by an army of upstart service providers exploiting these new technological opportunities.

The result: an “unbundling” of telecommunications services that provides the consumer choice, flexibility and functionality not available from the conventional telecommunications companies. Today, the availability of new infrastructure designs has accelerated the deployment of scalable open source communications frameworks. Increasingly, these tools are being utilized inside of large carrier and enterprise communications network for their cost-efficiency, scalability and flexibility.

The combination of the cloud and open source communications platforms has also birthed an exciting new application marketplace where creative new business models are being developed on a near daily basis.

A.R.E. Network Solutions provides all the features of the most advanced VoIP equipment and applications as a service in our network. Contact us today to learn how your business can take advantage of cloud-based business telecommunications.

If your company already has a VoIP-capable phone system, We can supply you affordable, feature-rich telecommunications services over our integrated IP network.

A.R.E. Network Solutions offers business PBX and VoIP dial tone services in the Cloud.

PBX in the Cloud

A.R.E. Network Solutions offers a feature-rich VoIP business phone system solution in the cloud. You can use IP phones, software phones or mobile devices in conjunction with A.R.E. to create a turn-key telecommunications solution for your business.

Our systems support web-based management and every customer receives a turn-key setup as well as hands-on training.

A.R.E. Network Solutions makes business phone systems affordable and easy!

Here’s just some of the features of our hosted business PBX services:

  •  Auto-attendant
  • Voice mail
  • Call menus
  • Call hold
  • Call forwarding
  • Call routing
  • Conference calling
  • Security
  • Hunt groups
  • Unified messaging
  • User directory
  • Integrated voice response
  • Call center support
  • Screen pops
  • Integrated BPM Hooks
  • Web-based administration
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